What we do?

We bring your digital art collectibles to life with our luxurious, high-quality acrylic art pieces. The thick acrylic glass really captures the light and makes the colors pop. You must see it to experience its presence, visit our instagram to see more.

Right now we offer two of the most known NFTs, The Hashmasks is a digital art collection of 16,384 unique portraits created by over 70 artists globally. Let us bring your bits 2 life with our 50x70cm art p pieces, more information and shop below!

The second is the CryptoPunks, 10,000 unique collectible CryptoPunk characters on the Ethereum blockchain. Printed with the same thick, impactful acrylic glass in 48x48cm size.

If you have any special requests on sizes and or other projects, please contact us using the Custom orders page or shoot us an e-mail at hello@bit2life.com and we will get back to you! Anything is possible, only your imagination is the limit